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Take a peek into the minds of the people that make MyWork Australia tick. Design, coding, SEO, digital marketing, social, branding… whatever… if we find it interesting we’ll write about it below. Welcome to the MyWork Web Design Blog.


If you’re interested in our affordable web design, you’re probably also keen to utilise other inexpensive, yet effective ways to promote your business. Currently, one of the most popular ways to do this is via a Facebook page. People “Like” the page, you use the page to connect with the “Likers” and advertise the business…. Read More.

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For some people, creating a playlist (or mixtape) isn’t just a simple act of throwing a few songs together. A carefully crafted playlist can literally take days to perfect – considering every transition, how each track segues into the next, the ebb and flow, when to pick things up, and when to cool things down…. Read More.

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The Importance of Market Research Your market research is one of the most crucial steps in developing your business plan and marketing strategy. If you’ve been following some of the stories on Fast Company or Flying Solo (and as small business we know you are), then you would have come across an article on Justin… Read More.

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As someone who struggles to draw anything more complex than stick men, I’m certainly not a person who could be considered a ‘creative.’ However having worked with creative people in a professional capacity for most of my working life, I can definitely appreciate that the way in which a designer’s brain works is significantly different… Read More.

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Firstly, let me welcome you to the MyWork Blog. As any good web company should, we thought it would be a good idea to start sharing our thoughts and start web logging (aka blogging). For the skeptical technical few of you reading this, and thinking, “Oh look, another SEO driven content rich blog designed purely… Read More.

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Pretty much what the title says. Learn how to make a simple slide in and out Facebook style mobile sidebar menu with CSS and minimal JavaScript.

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